Applebee’s data breach

RMH Franchise Holdings-owned Applebee’s restaurants fell victim to a payment card data breach. According to the RMH announcement on Friday, systems at nearly 160 Applebee’s restaurant locations may have been compromised with point-of-sale (PoS) malware.

The incident affects RMH Franchise Holdings (“RMH”), an independent franchisee that operates some Applebee’s restaurants, but not the broader Applebee’s networks and PoS systems. 

RMH made the following public announcement about the data incident on their website:

 “Upon learning of a potential incident, RMH promptly launched an investigation and obtained the help of leading cyber security forensics firms. Based on the experts’ investigation, RMH believes that unauthorized software placed on the point-of-sale system at certain RMH-owned and -operated Applebee’s restaurants was designed to capture payment card information and may have affected a limited number of purchases made at those locations.”

The impacted data includes: “Certain guests’ names, credit or debit card numbers, expiration dates and card verification codes processed during limited time periods could have been affected. The exact dates vary by location,” the company said.

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