Firefox 66 is out with many new feature enhancements

Firefox 66

Mozilla has released Firefox 66 that includes many new features, such as blocking websites from automatically playing sound. Users can also use the new Firefox to add individual sites to an exceptions list or turn off the blocking feature.

Firefox can also allow for easier and faster search experience with a redesigned tab for Private Windows and ability to search across all your open browser tabs via a tab overflow menu.

Performance and user experience has also been enhanced. Firefox now stores any extensions in a Firefox database in lieu of JSON files, thus improving speed of browsing sites.

The latest version also includes redesigned certificate error pages to help users better understand and resolve security issues, such as identification of certificate issuers for anti-virus software.

Finally, Firefox added “easier, passwordless security” with support for Windows Hello on Windows 10. Users can now use their face, fingerprint, or external security keys for website authentication.

See the full Mozilla blog post for additional release notes and product download for Firefox 66.