Google releases Chrome 77 (with 52 security fixes)

Google has released Chrome 77 (version 77.0.3865.75) for Windows, Mac and Linux. The update includes a number of fixes and improvements in the popular browser. The company also added a Chrome browser update for Android.

As part of the latest Chrome 77 update, Google has fixed 52 vulnerabilities, 36 discovered by external researchers.

A summary of the Critical and High vulnerabilities found by external researchers and fixed in latest Chrome release include:

  • Critical CVE-2019-5870: Use-after-free in media
  • High CVE-2019-5871: Heap overflow in Skia
  • High CVE-2019-5872: Use-after-free in Mojo
  • High CVE-2019-5873: URL bar spoofing on iOS
  • High CVE-2019-5874: External URIs may trigger other browsers
  • High CVE-2019-5875: URL bar spoof via download redirect
  • High CVE-2019-5876: Use-after-free in media
  • High CVE-2019-5877: Out-of-bounds access in V8
  • High CVE-2019-5878: Use-after-free in V8.

Android update

Google also released Chrome 77 (77.0.3865.73) for Android and includes stability and performance improvements.