Thousands of stolen Disney+ accounts for sale in hacking forums

Thousands of Disney+ account owners have reported their accounts have been hacked just hours after the Disney+ video streaming service was launched.

According to a ZDNet report, many Disney+ subscribers had issues logging into the service within hours after the streaming service launched last Tuesday. Some users started seeing unauthorized profile changes and password reset messages. The subscribers then shared their frustrations via Twitter and Reddit.

After further investigations, ZDNet discovered many Disney+ accounts were offered for free or available for sale between $3 and $11 in hacking forums.

In some cases, account passwords were likely the same or shared with accounts leaked from other websites. However, some users confirmed they had not shared passwords with other sites. This suggests hackers may have stolen credentials via keylogger malware or hacked email accounts.

In addition, it was also surprising the speed of hackers taking over accounts just hours after the launch of the Disney+ service.

This is the latest reminder to not share your passwords across sites. Using unique and strong passwords make it much harder for hackers to guess passwords. Users should also make sure anti-malware and patches are up to date on their systems.