Google releases Chrome 79 (includes 51 security fixes)

Google releases Chrome 79 (includes 51 security fixes)

Google has released Chrome 79 (version 79.0.3945.79) for Windows, Mac and Linux. The update includes a number of fixes and improvements in the popular browser. The company also added a Chrome browser update for Android.

As part of the latest Chrome 79 update, Google has fixed 51 vulnerabilities.

A summary of the 2 Critical and 8 High vulnerabilities found by external researchers and fixed in latest Chrome release include:

  • Critical CVE-2019-13725: Use after free in Bluetooth.
  • Critical CVE-2019-13726: Heap buffer overflow in password manager.
  • High CVE-2019-13727: Insufficient policy enforcement in WebSockets.
  • High CVE-2019-13728: Out of bounds write in V8.
  • High CVE-2019-13729: Use after free in WebSockets.
  • High CVE-2019-13730: Type Confusion in V8.
  • High CVE-2019-13732: Use after free in WebAudio.
  • High CVE-2019-13734: Out of bounds write in SQLite.
  • High CVE-2019-13735: Out of bounds write in V8.
  • High CVE-2019-13764: Type Confusion in V8.

Chrome for Android update

Google also released Chrome 79 (79.0.3945.79) for Android and includes stability and performance improvements. A new Password Safety feature was also included that warns users if their passwords was exposed in a previous data breach.