Experts warn users to secure internet-connected cameras

secure internet-connected cameras

Security experts from the United Kingdom (UK) National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) issued a security advisory urging users to secure internet-connected cameras, such as home smart cameras and baby monitors.

Insecure settings on internet-connected cameras can be attacked and compromised by cyber crooks.

“Smart technology such as cameras and baby monitors are fantastic innovations with real benefits for people, but without the right security measures in place they can be vulnerable to cyber attackers,” said Dr Ian Levy, NCSC Technical Director.

“We want people to continue using these devices safely, which is why we have produced new guidance setting out steps for people to take such as changing passwords.”

The NCSC advises users follow these practical safeguards:

  • Change default passwords (such as three random words joined together or pass phrases)
  • Regularly update security software
  • Disable feature to allow remote access from internet.

See the NCSC post for more information and guidance regarding this threat.

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