Adobe fixes Adobe Reader vulnerability exploited in the wild (as well as Critical bugs in 11 other products)

Adobe fixes Adobe Reader vulnerability exploited in the wild

Adobe has patched a Critical Adobe Reader vulnerability exploited in the wild, in addition to Critical vulnerabilities in multiple other Adobe products.

An attacker could exploit these vulnerabilities and potentially take over impacted systems.

Adobe Reader bug exploited

The Adobe Acrobat and Reader for Windows and macOS security update (APSB21-29) addressed multiple vulnerabilities. One of those Critical vulnerabilities CVE-2021-28550 has been exploited in the wild and could lead to arbitrary code execution.

“Adobe has received a report that CVE-2021-28550 has been exploited in the wild in limited attacks targeting Adobe Reader users on Windows,” Adobe said.

In addition, Adobe patched 9 other Critical and 4 Important severity vulnerabilities.

Other Adobe products

In addition, Adobe also patched 11 other Adobe products (with number of Critical vulnerabilities addressed):

APSB21-15 Security update available for Adobe Experience Manager (1 Critical)
APSB21-22 Security updates available for Adobe InDesign (3 Critical)
APSB21-24 Security update available for Adobe Illustrator (5 Critical)
APSB21-25 Security updates available for Adobe InCopy (1 Critical)
APSB21-27 Security update available for Adobe Genuine Service (0 Critical)
APSB21-30 Security updates available for Magento (0 Critical)
APSB21-31 Security update available for Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Application (1 Critical)
APSB21-32 Security update available for Adobe Media Encoder (0 Critical)
APSB21-33 Security update available for Adobe After Effects (2 Critical)
APSB21-34 Security updates available for Adobe Medium (1 Critical)
APSB21-35 Security update available for Adobe Animate (2 Critical)

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