Mozilla releases Firefox 105 with fixes for 3 High severity vulnerabilities

The Mozilla Foundation has patched four High risk vulnerabilities in Firefox 105, as well as a number of other bug fixes.

An attacker could exploit these vulnerabilities to take control of impacted systems.

According to the Mozilla Foundation Security Advisory 2022-40, Firefox 105 addressed the following three High severity vulnerabilities:

  1. CVE-2022-40959: Bypassing FeaturePolicy restrictions on transient pages.
  2. CVE-2022-40960: Data-race when parsing non-UTF-8 URLs in threads.
  3. CVE-2022-40962: Memory safety bugs.

Moreover, the Firefox 105 update also addressed four other vulnerabilities rated Moderate or Low severity.

Mozilla released updates for Mozilla Firefox ESR 102.3, and ThunderBird 91.13.1.

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