Internet of Things (IoT)

Trackmageddon exposes millions of GPS tracking devices

Vulnerabilities dubbed “Trackmageddon” were discovered in online services of (GPS) location tracking devices. The vulnerabilities could allow third parties unauthorized access to location data of all location tracking devices managed by a vulnerable online service. Other types of data impacted include, serial number (i.e., IMEI), assigned phone number, model/type name and custom assigned names. The latter two …

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How a University Fought Off an IoT Attack and 12 Lessons Learned

The Verizon security team recently announced the first Data Breach Digest, a series of 18 cybercrime cases the team investigated. The Verizon team starts with a sneak peek of one of the case studies that describes how a university was attacked by an IoT botnet consisting of over 5,000 infected hosts. The study concludes with 12 good lessons learned from the attack.

Improving Data Security with Secure Communications, Applications and APIs for IoT

Security firm Sucuri warned back in June how compromised CCTV devices were used in multiple denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks every day. In the report, nearly 25,000 compromised devices from all over the world were used in various attacks on small businesses.