Mobile Security

LokiBot malware threat

A new Android banking malware dubbed LokiBot can trigger ransomware capabilities when a victim tries to remove the malware from their infected device. According to a Tripwire report , some of the additional features of LokiBot include the ability for attackers to read a victim’s SMS messages and also send out spam email to infect other users. The

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BlueBorne: Bluetooth cyber attacks

Security researchers have disclosed multiple Bluetooth vulnerabilities that could threaten billions of smartphones from Android and Apple and millions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, such as smart TVs, printers and others that may use the Bluetooth wireless protocol.

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GhostClicker adware threat

Trend Micro’s Threat Response Team has uncovered an auto-clicking GhostClicker adware in up to 340 apps in Google Play, to include one mobile app “Aladdin’s Adventure’s World” that was downloaded five million times. As of August 7, there were still 101 affected apps that could be downloaded. Trend Micro describes the adware in recent report:  “Trend Micro detects

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Lipizzan spyware targets Android devices

Google security researchers have discovered and blocked a new form of spyware called Lipizzan that targets Android devices to spy on communications, such as email and calls, as well as steal information on contacts, record audio/video and monitor the target user’s location.

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