Network Security

Securezoo Cybersecurity Threat Center blog posts regarding Network Security.

Alert: Attackers exploiting Pulse Connect Secure vulnerabilities (updated)

CISA warned attackers continue to exploit Pulse Connect Secure vulnerabilities. The alert was issued after CISA confirmed malicious activity on public and private entity networks. Additional detection methods were also added on April 30.

“BadAlloc” vulnerabilities impact broad range of IoT and OT devices

Security researchers from Microsoft have discovered a collection of vulnerabilities dubbed “BadAlloc” that affect a broad range of IoT and OT devices in industrial, medical and consumer sectors.

New Supernova malware analysis reveals new APT cyberattack methods against vulnerable SolarWinds infrastructure

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has published a new analysis report on Supernova malware used in a cyberattack and long term compromise of an entity’s network and SolarWinds systems.

NAME:WRECK vulnerabilities can break DNS implementations in TCP/IP stacks

Security researchers have discovered nine vulnerabilities collectively dubbed NAME:WRECK than can break DNS implementations in TCP/IP stacks and lead to denial of service or remote code execution. The experts also provided guidelines to organization on how to fix the issues.