Fitness app users could expose military bases

Fitness app and social media company Strava has introduced a Global Heatmap service, that may have allowed many service people to inadvertently expose the locations of their military bases.

The Strava app is used to track exercise activity, such as jogging or cycling routes, that can be shared publicly from a user’s iPhone or Android device. 

Multiple users discovered the feature and sent out tweets about potential troop activity and bases in Mogadishu, Syria and Afghanistan, Tripwire reports

The Central Command for the U.S.-led coalition against the Islamic State said it will revise is guidelines around the use of wireless devices, such as fitness trackers and apps, in and around military bases. 

Strava is also working with the military to address more sensitive areas that may appear on the app service and also urges users to set the privacy setting to Private to ensure data is not shared publicly. 

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