Intel issues updated security guidance on Spectre/Meltdown

Intel made an update yesterday to previously issued security advisory on the Spectre/Meltdown ‘speculation execution’ vulnerabilities that could cause information disclosure on systems running Intel processors.

As the company acknowledged last week, systems running on older Broadwell and Haswell based platforms could experience reboots after Spectre/Meltdown patches were applied. 

In a new update, Intel said the reboot issue also affects newer Intel CPUs: “Similar behavior occurs on other products including Ivy Bridge, Sandy Bridge, Skylake, and Kaby Lake based platforms in some configurations.”

The company is actively working on re-producing the issues in a controlled lab and are working to determine root cause. They are also working on new microcode updates that can be made available to OEMs, Cloud service providers, system manufacturers and Software vendors as early as next week for internal evaluation purposes.

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