Chrome 69 fixes 40 vulnerabilities, celebrates 10th birthday

Google has released Chrome 69 for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

In the latest version of Chrome (69.0.3497.81), Google fixed 40 security vulnerabilities, 7 of them rated high severity and discovered by external researchers. 

Google also celebrated Chrome’s 10th birthday on Tuesday with a number of new features included in the latest update, for instance: 

  • Improved password manager built-in
  • More rounded shapes, new icons and a new color palette. 
  • Omnibox that combines the search bar and address bar into one to make searches faster.
  • Better personalization (add favorites and shortcuts from new tab page). 

Google also touted the many other security improvements made to Chrome in 2018 such as: ad blockers, move to HTTPS, launch of site isolation (to protect against attacks like Spectre), and VR and AR browsing. 

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