Adobe security updates for multiple products (17 Critical vulnerabilities fixed)

Adobe has released security updates that address multiple vulnerabilities in Adobe Dimension, Adobe Cold Fusion, Adobe Acrobat and Reader, and Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source.

An attacker could exploit these vulnerabilities and potentially take over impacted systems.

Adobe has released four (4) security bulletins for the following products that address security vulnerabilities (along with number of Critical flaws):

  • Adobe Cold Fusion (versions  2021 and 2018): APSB22-44 (6 Critical)
  • Adobe Acrobat and Reader (for Windows and macOS): APSB22-46 (2 Critical)
  • Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source: APSB22-48 (1 Critical)
  • Adobe Dimension: APSB22-57 (8 Critical).

None of the advisories had listed any known public exploits of the vulnerabilities.

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